Long time no type


Not sure if anyone ever read my blog but I totally forgot I had one. Life was a little rock, than it got busy and now that I have remember this blog I think I will start it up again. I really suck at all thing tech but I will make an effort to post more.

I have really kicked it with the spinning my own yarn to weave and knit with. I am enjoying it more and more. I never have enough time to craft.

So the goal is to post once a week. I hope I will be able to post more but let’s start small.


About danigirlknits

Hello, I have always liked hobbies and when I was younger I did a little crocheting (but I hate it) and cross stitch. I love to make jewelry but that did not travel well. So my addition to knitting all started with one class. In this one class I learned how to knit a felted purse and was hooked. I then had the desire to knit socks, from that come hats, scarf and any other project that was portable. Well a couple of years after the first knitting class came my desire to weave and now I have moved up to spinning with a drop spindle. I have come to the conclusion that I am a addict when it comes to all thing to do with roving and yarn. I have two beautiful children, two dogs and two cats.
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