Ok the idea of blogs are great but retarded me does not know how to work them. Any time I want to leave a comment it takes me 20 fricken hours just to leave a five letter word. I sometimes have a hard leaving my own post.
Such confidence I have huh. But I am stubborn and will get anything done I set me mind to.

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Getting Ready

I have been knitting a bit and trying to get ready for my booth at Strawberry Fest. My cuz told me about this cool pattern. I like them a lot. Here are a few that I have made.

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Busy Busy

I have not posted lately due to the fact that I have been busy. Between helping my mom with a yard sale in the rain and trying not to float away.
I have some new projects that I have been working on and they look great I am thinking.

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Easter is coming

So the month of April is almost over and wow Easter is here! I have no idea what to do this year. I most likely will go over to the sisters and dye eggs but nothing else is planed. I hope the girls will be receiving from the Easter Bunny. They have been really good.

As for my knitting I have been doing a little of every thing. Mostly socks. They are my fav.

I am trying a different pattern for felted socks. I hope they turn out ok. I will keep you updated.

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This post has nothing to do with knitting but with my being afraid and hiding behind the knitting. As long as I keep my mind challenged with different knitting patterns I do not have to look at myself and wonder why I am alone.
Every one tells me that you have more important things to do beside wonder why you are alone. Well I am tired of being alone and doing everything. Being in control and the only responsible one.
Life sucks and I hate the whole world at the moment!

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So the last three days I was at home with a sick kid and having time on my hands I decided to do a little craft work instead of cleaning. For Christmas I bought my self a new sock book and had to try out this new pattern. I am loving this sock book it make me so happy to look at the patterns. Every night I look in it and think what pattern do I want to try next. It is a hard choice some of them I feel is out side my skill level but I know that some day I will have the guts to try every pattern in the book.

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Work in progress

I have been working on this swirl scarf pattern for some time now. It is not hard but a little time consuming. I was not sure about the yarn I choose to use and the color but as I am knitting along it has been growing on me. I was going to gift it but with all the mistakes I have made I will most likely keep it and work on a different one with out the mistakes for the gift.

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